From my time at Fuse Labs - Microsoft Research. is an addition to Microsoft's Cortana offering. This blend of AI and human worker schedules meetings for multiple attendees by CCing with a request in your own words.

  • Contributed to the production release of the public service.
  • Developed back-end using DocumentDB, Azure SQL and Azure search.
  • Designed and developed administrator console using angular2/ typescript/ razor.
  • Created several custom angular 2 components.
  • Developed overall front-end architecture with Angular2 and Typescript
  • Developed instrumentation for workflow engine
  • Created several data denormalization stored procedures for use with PowerBI and Excel
  • Implemented several administration web pages in React, Angular 1.x and Angular 2 then presented all options to the dev team to allow the team to choose the best framework.
  • Recommended and implemented several gulp tasks as automated build steps in Visual Studio 2015.

A little about me

Aaron Daisley-Harrison is a Software Application Architect living in the Pacific Northwest.
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Recent Projects is a new Cortana skill. Schedule meetings, impress your friends.

Visual Studio .Connect Mobile Application

Mobile Web application on IOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
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I love guitars. Playing guitar helps me to relax after a long day of fighting with plugs and wires.
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My wife and I are avid soccer fans here in Seattle, WA.
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