Make Your Web Site Mobile Friendly and Scannable

by Aaron D-H 10. January 2010 05:47
With the Google’s release of the Android phone 2D symbolic encoding to make your website phone friendly is enjoying some additional attention.  Simply point your Android, I-Phone, or Windows Mobile phone camera, with an appropriate app, at the image below and data will be instantly loaded... [More]

Too Cool… Blog Posting with Word 2007

by Aaron D-H 30. January 2009 06:08
Well today I decided to try out the cool word 2007 feature for posting to my new sharepoint blog. If this works it will be total easy for me to keep my blog up-to-date and spelled correctly! It's the spelling part that is always the bigest hurtle for geeks like me. And look at that I even used the "... [More]


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