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This page is a work in progress... I am in the process of moving articles from my old blog software engine to this new custom blog engine.

Building a custom blog engine

This blog has been created using Node.js, Express, Typescript, Handlebars, Markdown, and a simple NoSQL database of my own design, all running on Amazon web services using Elastic Beanstalk.
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Extending SharePoint with AngularJS

SharePoint has been an reasonable choice for managing data and documents for the enterprise.  SharePoint customization is an interesting problem there is a balance between full customization of look and feel and maintaining the ability to author and change page in the SharePoint way.  Now with the addition of AngularJS functionality to SharePoint...
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A little about me

Aaron Daisley-Harrison is a Software Application Architect living in the Pacific Northwest.
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Recent Projects


From my time at Microsoft Research: Calendar.help is a new Microsoft addition to it's Cortana offering. This blend of AI and human worker schedules meetings for multiple attendees by CCing cortana@calendar.help with a request in your own words.

Visual Studio .Connect Mobile Application

Mobile Web application for Visual Studio Connect on IOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems using Azure
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Gibson Guitars

I love guitars. Playing guitar helps me to relax after a long day of fighting with plugs and wires.
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Seattle Sounders FC

My wife and I are avid soccer fans here in Seattle, WA.
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