Sizing An Agile User Story

by Aaron D-H 27. February 2009 19:58
The correct way to size an agile user story is by assigning each story a "story point" value.  The values assigned are usually taken from the Fibonacci sequence or:  1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13.  Story point values are similar  to the concept of "T-Shirt" ... [More]

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Software Engineering | Project Management | Agile

Translating Coordinates In Silverlight 2

by Aaron D-H 25. February 2009 19:11
When you are doing complex things to objects in Silverlight like aninmation of scale and rotation it is sometimes neccesary to be able to translate a point from the object that has been rotated and scaled into it’s parents coordinate system.  Luckly the Silverlight 2 dev team has a solu... [More]


Software Engineering | .NET | C# | Silverlight

Practical Silverlight and SharePoint Integration: Part Two

by Aaron D-H 24. February 2009 20:43
In part one of this series we built a simple Silverlight 2 application that could retrieve list information from SharePoint.  In part two we will expand on how Silverlight connects to SharePoint web services and move beyond the default connectivity that you get when you add a service ref... [More]


Software Engineering | .NET | C# | Project Management | SharePoint | Silverlight

Practical Silverlight and SharePoint Integration: Part One

by Aaron D-H 22. February 2009 01:48
The user experience with SharePoint can be expanded in a number of ways.  The usual road is to write web parts that run on the server.  The drawback to this approach is that in a large corporate environment many companies are very reluctant to support more that just the out-of-the-box we... [More]


Software Engineering | .NET | C# | Project Management | Agile | SharePoint | Silverlight

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