Agile User Story Card

by Aaron D-H 31. January 2009 00:59
Lately most of the projects I've been involved with have used Agile methods to help our development teams keep up with the changing demands of our customers. In the present economic climate we are using these methods to achieve more with less.  I'm currently working with Rally Software to help ... [More]


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Summary of Agile Principles and Practices

by Aaron D-H 31. January 2009 00:21
A while back I put together a summary of agile principles and practices that I would like to now share with you here: Principles of Agile Methods From the "Manifesto for Agile Software Development" Customer Satisfaction Through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. ... [More]


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Soccer Coach Player Evaluation

by Aaron D-H 30. January 2009 22:37
I've coached soccer for a number of years and eventually acquired my "D" level coach's certificate. I've had the opportunity to observe many tryouts and practices. Some were carried out with more forethought than others. In the hope of improving the process somewhat I found and adapt... [More]


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Simple Visio Macro to Refresh Linked Data with < 1 Minute Intervals

by Aaron D-H 30. January 2009 06:23
Open the Visual Basic Edit and place this code behind the "ThisDocument" object: Dim refreshActive As Boolean Sub StartAutoRefresh() Dim dataRecordSetObj As DataRecordset Dim PauseTime, Start PauseTim... [More]


Creating a .NET Visio Add-In with Custom Menus

by Aaron D-H 30. January 2009 06:23
In the course of creating a number of demonstrations for Visio 2007, I came across the need to create an add-in for Visio in .NET. Basic .NET AddOn technology is fairly well documented in the arcticle About the Visio 2003 Managed Code Interop Tutorial [Visio 2003 SDK Documentation], but crea... [More]

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Generating Sharepoint MOSS BDC Definitions

by Aaron D-H 30. January 2009 06:22
I've created a simple application that reads the SQL Server 2005 schemas and creates an XML representation of it.   Then I apply an XSLT stylesheet that transforms the schema into a BDC definition file. My current delema is:  The MOSS BDC processor reads the BDC definition file AND ... [More]

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Too Cool… Blog Posting with Word 2007

by Aaron D-H 30. January 2009 06:08
Well today I decided to try out the cool word 2007 feature for posting to my new sharepoint blog. If this works it will be total easy for me to keep my blog up-to-date and spelled correctly! It's the spelling part that is always the bigest hurtle for geeks like me. And look at that I even used the "... [More]


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