Generating “compatibility mode” safe HTML using Razor

by Aaron D-H 14. February 2012 22:18
Internet Explorer has this "wonderful" feature call compatibility mode. I think the majority of web designers that have run into this gem would likely feel that Microsoft misnamed this feature. After a great deal of frustration and delays caused by having the compatibility mode suddenly turn on an... [More]


.NET Generic B-Tree Library and Source Code

by Aaron D-H 28. July 2010 00:48
It’s been a while since I posted last so I thought I would throw my blog a bone…  Once again I was looking for a good B-Tree implementation in C# on the net but came up empty.  In the hopes of simplifying other developer’s lives I’ve created a generic B-Tree librar... [More]


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Make Your Web Site Mobile Friendly and Scannable

by Aaron D-H 10. January 2010 05:47
With the Google’s release of the Android phone 2D symbolic encoding to make your website phone friendly is enjoying some additional attention.  Simply point your Android, I-Phone, or Windows Mobile phone camera, with an appropriate app, at the image below and data will be instantly loaded... [More]

What to you mean IIS can't handle that kind of URL?

by Aaron D-H 8. June 2009 20:17
…or how to take advantage of the IIS 7.0 Integrated Pipeline mode. In this article we are presenting a module library for IIS 7.0 that gives full control over how IIS handles URLs. The ASP.NET URLRewriter library allows a web developer to specify and handle just about any type of URL scheme. [More]


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NO CODE! Silverlight - SharePoint Integration

by Aaron D-H 2. June 2009 20:24
Put together a Silverlight application to display SharePoint list data without using Visual Studio. A simple Silverlight library you can use in Microsoft Expression Blend to read SharePoint list data and display it in any Silverlight control. Even your mom can do it! [More]

Corporate Ready HTML and Plain Text Email with SmtpClient

by Aaron D-H 27. May 2009 01:25
Here is a new email template library that makes it dead easy for your web application to send the most professional looking email using as little as three lines of code. Sending plain text email from your web application has always been relatively easy using the SmtpClient, but most web appl... [More]


Software Engineering | .NET | C# | ASP.NET

Displaying SharePoint Enhanced Rich Text Formatted (RTF) Text fields in Silverlight

by Aaron D-H 29. April 2009 02:56
Silverlight can be used to enhance the user experience for SharePoint users. Most data stored in SharePoint can be displayed directly by existing Silverlight controls and/or the controls available in the Silverlight Toolkit available on Codeplex.  The exception to this is the displaying of... [More]

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Software Engineering | C# | SharePoint | Silverlight

Practical Silverlight and SharePoint Integration: Part Four

by Aaron D-H 20. April 2009 22:26
Expanding on part three of this series, in this article, we will use the GetListItemsAsync call to retrieve Silverlight/SharePoint list items. [More]


Software Engineering | C# | SharePoint | Silverlight

The Lost Art of User Interface Design

by Aaron D-H 25. March 2009 23:09
The art of user interface design has been around for as long as people have built and used tools. Here are 9 well known user interface design principles you can use to help ensure that your application or web site is designed to allow vistors get the best experience possible. [More]

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Software Engineering

Practical Silverlight and SharePoint Integration: Part Three

by Aaron D-H 9. March 2009 19:54
In Part Two of this series we expanded on the out-of-the-box connectivity to the SharePoint Lists web service and added the ability to dynamically connect to any SharePoint server URL.  In this article we will make a more complex call to retrieve list detail and show how data retrieved fro... [More]


Software Engineering | .NET | C# | SharePoint | Silverlight

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